Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Physics

Study the interplay between computer science and physics with the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Physics in Temple’s College of Science and Technology. The rigorous, 123-credit-hour program will prepare you for a career or graduate program in either or both fields, working in computer science or conducting physics research.

广发娱乐首页This interdisciplinary program in physics and computer science is intended for students with an interest in both, and for those who would like to fulfill the essential coursework for both majors within a four-year program.

The coursework for the Computer Science and Physics degree is broken down into three overarching categories: computer science, mathematics and physics. Through the program, you will build a solid foundation in

  • algorithms,
  • classical and modern mathematical physics and quantum mechanics,
  • data structures, and
  • programming and systems design.

广发娱乐首页Though Computer Science and Physics are offered separately, the joint degree provides an enriching experience of complementary academic fields. Computer science is the study of the design and use of computers, and physicians use computers to explore virtual realities and test theories. Toward the end of your undergraduate career, you will complete a capstone project by selecting one of the following courses:

  • Experimental Physics,
  • Independent Research in Computer Science or
  • Projects in Computer Science.

Classes and Curriculumn 

In this degree program, your classes will include

  • Classical Mechanics,
  • Data Structures,
  • Data Structures and Algorithms,
  • Electricity and Magnetism,
  • Introduction to Systems Programming and Operating Systems, and
  • Mathematical Physics.

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Dual Bachelor-Master Program for International Students

International students have the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree from their home institution and a graduate degree from Temple over five years. This multidisciplinary program includes undergraduate- and graduate-level coursework at Temple. Students are prepared for professional careers in today’s global economy and job market.


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The College of Science and Technology offers 3+4 Accelerated Degree Programs in a seven-year course of study, instead of the usual eight years. Qualifying undergraduate students can obtain the Computer Science and Physics Major from CST and a

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  • Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from the School of Podiatric Medicine,
  • Doctor of Medicine from the Lewis Katz School of Medicine, or
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Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Health Program

广发娱乐首页The College of Science and Technology Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Health Program is designed for students planning to apply to medical school or pursue other health-related professions. The program offers the following two tracks.

  • The Basic Core in Health Sciences is intended for professionals who need the required science courses to apply to medical school.
  • The Advanced Core in Health Sciences is a program for current students who have met the premedical requirements and who seek advanced science coursework.

广发娱乐首页Both tracks include classes in the Lewis Katz School of Medicine and the College of Science and Technology. .

Tuition & Fees

In keeping with Temple’s commitment to access and affordability, the Bachelor of Science offers a competitive level of tuition with multiple opportunities for financial support.

Tuition rates are set annually by the university and are affected by multiple factors, including program degree level (undergraduate or graduate), course load (full- or part-time), in-state or out-of-state residency, and more. .

These tuition costs apply to the 2019–2020 academic year.

Pennsylvania resident:  $19,944.00 per year
Out-of-state: $32,808.00 per year


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