Classical Voice Undergraduate Certificate

Broaden your musical interests, develop your vocal technique and participate in university music ensembles with the Undergraduate Certificate in Classical Voice in Temple’s Boyer College of Music and Dance. In addition to private lessons and ensemble participation, you’ll take courses in aural theory, piano and music theory to learn the skills necessary to pursue a professional career in performance arts.

This 12-credit undergraduate certificate is designed for both music and nonmusic students who are interested in basic voice lessons and instruction on singing intervals, scales and triads. Complement your existing curriculum with courses focused on

  • choral ensemble performance;
  • music theory such as intervals, chord and rhythm structures, and simple harmonization; and
  • piano skills including chords, improvisation, and sight reading.

This undergraduate certificate is open only to non-Voice majors and students who have completed 15 credits at Temple by the start of the requested semester of certificate coursework.

Classes & Curriculum

The Classical Voice certificate program comprises core required courses, private voice instruction, and participation in choral ensembles on campus.

Required courses include

  • Aural Theory,
  • Piano for Non-Music Majors and
  • Topics in Music Theory.


Choir singer holding musical score performing in a concert wearing black top

Tuition & Fees

广发娱乐首页The tuition for this Certificate Program is based on school or college of your major, program degree level (undergraduate or graduate), course load (full- or part-time), in-state or out-of-state residency, and more. .


Additional Program Information

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