Chemistry Major

The Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree programs in Temple University’s College of Science and Technology serve as the foundations for research-based fields, graduate degrees or a variety of careers in the sciences. Commonly known as a “central science,” chemical research has led to new discoveries in agriculture, manufacturing, medicine, technology and more.

The 123-credit-hour Chemistry BA or BS degree prepares you for the path of your choice after graduation. Temple is the ideal location for a Chemistry Major—there are a large number of chemical and pharmaceutical companies based in the Philadelphia region. Many graduates pursue work in the biotechnological, chemical or pharmaceutical industries.

As a Chemistry Major, you’ll study analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and physical chemistry, in addition to courses in the College of Science and Technology chemistry labs. Both degrees emphasize

  • expertise to write scientific reports,
  • investigation and problem-solving skills,
  • laboratory skills in four of five subdivisions of chemistry,
  • material from foundational course work in four of five subdivisions of chemical research,
  • research and chemical literature, and
  • the ability to analyze data and apply results in a broader scientific context and real-life situations.

广发娱乐首页Upper-level coursework provides opportunities for independent research under the guidance of program faculty, including the potential to present findings at national meetings. You’ll also have hands-on, experiential opportunities in a variety of laboratories. You can collaborate with faculty and peers on research involving innovative technology, such as smart detectors, spectroscopy and ultrafast laser chemistry.

Choosing between a BA and a BS

The Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry is for students who intend on pursuing careers in chemistry or a related field that is not associated with research. Students learn how to craft scientific reports, analyze the data and connect these results to a range of scientific contexts. The 53-credit-hour Chemistry BA covers the fundamentals of chemistry, mathematics and physics, and prepares graduates for advanced study in a number of fields.

广发娱乐首页Alternatively, the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry prepares students for graduate or medical school, and employment in the biotechnological, chemical or pharmaceutical industries. Students learn a wide array of topics in chemistry, mathematics and physics. Chemistry BS Majors are required to take more laboratory classes during their third and fourth years in the program. The BS degree requires between 70 and 74 credit hours and is accredited by the American Chemical Society.

Related Graduate Degrees

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*School of Pharmacy
**Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry
广发娱乐首页 ***Lewis Katz School of Medicine

+1 Bachelor-Master Programs

The College of Science and Technology offers +1 Accelerated Bachelor-Master Programs. Students can earn a BA or BS and, at the end of the fifth year, an MA or MS. Coursework is completed over five years instead of taking the usual six-year course of study.


Chemistry Major / Master of Education

You can also earn a Chemistry Major from the College of Science and Technology and a Master of Education from the College of Education. Qualified students can earn a master’s degree in five years, instead of taking the usual six. .

Dual Bachelor-Master Program for International Students

广发娱乐首页International students have the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree from their home institution and a graduate degree from Temple over five years. This multidisciplinary program includes undergraduate- and graduate-level coursework at Temple. Students are prepared for professional careers in today’s global economy and job market.


3+4 Accelerated Programs

广发娱乐首页The College of Science and Technology offers 3+4 Accelerated Degree Programs in a seven-year course of study, instead of the usual eight years. Qualifying undergraduate students can obtain the Chemistry Major from CST and a

  • Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry from the Kornberg School of Dentistry,
  • Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from the School of Podiatric Medicine,
  • Doctor of Medicine from the Lewis Katz School of Medicine, or
  • Doctor of Pharmacy Medicine from the School of Pharmacy.


3+3 Accelerated Program

广发娱乐首页Qualified students can earn the Chemistry Major and a Doctor of Physical Therapy from the College of Public Health over a five-year course of study, instead of taking the usual six years.


Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Health Program

The College of Science and Technology Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Health Program is designed for students planning to apply to medical school or pursue other health-related professions. The program offers the following two tracks.

  • The Basic Core in Health Sciences is intended for professionals who need the required science courses to apply to medical school.
  • The Advanced Core in Health Sciences is a program for current students who have met the premedical requirements and who seek advanced science coursework.

广发娱乐首页Both tracks include classes in the Lewis Katz School of Medicine and the College of Science and Technology. .

Tuition & Fees

In keeping with Temple’s commitment to access and affordability, the Bachelor of Science offers a competitive level of tuition with multiple opportunities for financial support.

Tuition rates are set annually by the university and are affected by multiple factors, including program degree level (undergraduate or graduate), course load (full- or part-time), in-state or out-of-state residency, and more. .

广发娱乐首页These tuition costs apply to the 2019–2020 academic year.

Pennsylvania resident:  $19,944.00 per year
Out-of-state: $32,808.00 per year


Additional Program Information