Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Temple University’s is designed for students looking to drive change—in their careers, their companies and their areas of expertise. 

广发娱乐首页The MBA program focuses on key management principles that are relevant across industries and positions. These principles include communication, leadership, resource management, strategic planning, finance management and business ethics. Depending on work experience, professional interest and schedule, you can choose from four flexible Business Administration MBA options—all of which provide the credentials necessary to launch or advance your career in business.

What sets the Fox MBA apart?

广发娱乐首页The Fox School of Business knows that no two students—or professional trajectories—are alike. With a newly integrated curriculum designed for full-time students and busy working professionals, Fox provides

  • real-world learning opportunities;
  • personalized service and mentorship; and
  • translatable value.

Whether online or at one of Temple’s regional campuses, Fox MBA students are immersed in a collaborative learning and professional environment. Small class sizes offer the opportunity to work closely with fellow students and experienced, internationally recognized faculty. Unique programming also allows interaction with industry experts.

The MBA programs allow students to build directly translatable skills and develop valuable networks they can take with them into their professional lives. The programs offer schedule-friendly class times and online components. Students also enjoy the convenience that comes with attending an urban university, with ample public transportation and proximity to industry-leading corporations based or with offices in Philadelphia.

广发娱乐首页Following graduation, students have access to an extensive and connected alumni network of more than 320,000, located in Philadelphia, across the country and around the world.

Program Formats

There are four options available for the Business Administration MBA, . You can choose the Full-time Global MBA, Part-time MBA, Online MBA or the Executive MBA.

A Fox student converses with representatives of a local company.


You can focus on Business Administration or you can take one of the following concentrations.

  • Business Analytics

    广发娱乐首页Propel your career as a data scientist by learning to analyze raw data, transform it into valuable insights, and use those insights to better inform business decisions. A market-driven and customizable curriculum allows you to pursue the path that’s right for your professional development plan. Courses to complete this concentration are available on campus only. 

  • Business Management

    Build upon your education and professional experience by developing a deeper understanding of business and attaining the skills necessary for advanced professional, entrepreneurial and leadership positions.

  • Corporate Compliance, Governance and Regulatory Policy

    广发娱乐首页Gain an understanding of how national, state and local laws apply to business and how public policy impacts some of the business world’s most common challenges, including legal liability, corruption, discrimination, data privacy and more. Courses to complete this concentration are available on campus and online. 

  • Enterprise Risk Management

    Develop the skills to foresee and assess the unique risks today’s businesses face, in areas such as cybersecurity, climate change, human capital and data analytics, and learn from real-world examples how to avoid common pitfalls and resolve issues before they arise. Courses to complete this concentration are available on campus only.  

  • Entrepreneurship

    广发娱乐首页Combining theory and practice, studying Entrepreneurship allows you to develop a deeper understanding of key business principles, and fine-tune the unique skill sets you need to transform your creative ideas into reality. Courses to complete this concentration are available on campus and online. 

  • Financial Management

    广发娱乐首页Learn to combine analytical skills with face-to-face business and collaboration skills, and develop the skills and experience necessary to help companies and individuals with their general finances, taxes, real estate ventures, retirement planning and more. Courses to complete this concentration are available on campus and online. 

  • Health Sector Management

    广发娱乐首页Take your career in the healthcare industry to the next level by further developing your knowledge of the industry and its trends and challenges, and fine-tuning critical leadership skills including management, financial decision making, business reasoning and more. Courses to complete this concentration are available on campus only. 


  • Human Resource Management

    Gain the skills and experience necessary to become a successful Human Resources professional, capable of recruiting, maintaining and training talent for businesses across different industries, and enhancing companies’ reputation, productivity and profits. Courses to complete this concentration are available on campus and online. 

  • Innovation Management

    广发娱乐首页Learn to transform your unique ideas into tangible innovations through specialized academic programming focused on creative thinking, strategy, problem-solving, design and critical analysis and evaluation. Courses to complete this concentration are available on campus and online. 

  • International Management

    广发娱乐首页Gain a deeper understanding of how traditional business theories and principles can be applied on a global scale, and fine-tune communication, analytical, and other critical skills necessary to navigate international business. Courses to complete this concentration are available on campus and online. 

  • Management Consulting

    广发娱乐首页With a strong focus on effective communication and critical thinking, and an interdisciplinary approach to academic programming, the Management Consulting concentration prepares students for careers in virtually any industry. Courses to complete this concentration are available on campus and online. 

  • Marketing Management

    Become an expert in marketing research, strategy and management, through holistic academic programming that covers everything from brand development and budgeting to market analysis and strategic communications. Courses to complete this concentration are available on campus and online. 

  • Sport Business

    广发娱乐首页Analyze the history, current trends, problems and policies of the sports business, and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to build toward a successful career in an exciting, ever-evolving industry. Courses to complete this concentration are available online only. 

  • Strategic Management

    With interdisciplinary coursework combining principles of entrepreneurship, innovation, international business and consulting, students learn to think critically and creatively, and to develop effective business strategies. Courses to complete this concentration are available on campus and online. 

  • Supply Chain Management

    广发娱乐首页Focus your business management studies on critical areas such as planning, forecasting, product assembly, storage, distribution and customer service—all of the elements that are essential to helping a business operate smoothly, effectively and successfully.

  • Travel and Tourism

    广发娱乐首页Further your career in one of the world’s most exciting industries, and prepare for positions in tourism, hospitality, and entertainment by deepening your knowledge of areas such as destination marketing, hospitality management, tourism economics and more. Courses to complete this concentration are available on campus only. 

Classes & Curriculum

广发娱乐首页In addition to core and elective courses, students may be required to complete a capstone course or project. The requirements will vary depending on which of the four MBA options is chosen, but listed below are a selection of courses available to students.

  • Business Strategy in a Global Environment
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking and Innovation
  • Financial Analysis and Strategy
  • Globalization
  • Leadership in Organizations
  • Managing Risk
  • Socioeconomic Context of Business

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Tuition & Fees

广发娱乐首页In keeping with Temple’s commitment to access and affordability, this Master of Business Administration offers a competitive level of tuition with multiple opportunities for financial support.

Tuition rates are set annually by the university and are affected by multiple factors, including program degree level (undergraduate or graduate), course load (full- or part-time), in-state or out-of-state residency, and more. These tuition costs apply to the 2019–2020 academic year.

Pennsylvania resident: $1,188.00 per credit
Out-of-state: $1,245.00 per credit



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