Does this affect the Fox School’s accreditation?
广发娱乐首页 The Fox School is accredited by AACSB, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, a distinction that the Fox School has maintained continuously since 1934. After notification of data misreporting, AACSB had moved up its accreditation review for the Fox School to January 2019. Following a recent visit by AACSB with Fox and university leadership (see below), AACSB will conduct its reaccreditation review in January 2020, as originally scheduled. We have responded to AACSB’s requests for information and have been providing regular updates to the organization about remedial and corrective measures.

What did Temple report to AACSB?
We have been providing regular updates to AACSB. A  on Aug. 10, 2018, included our finding that the flawed data provided to U.S. News was not copied into the AACSB’s Business School Questionnaire (BSQ) for 2017-18. We did note, though, that in the most recent BSQ provided to AACSB, there were variations between currently calculated numbers and the then-reported numbers. These errors appear to be largely attributable to the challenges of replication due to data being compiled at different points in time during a single term, survey question interpretation and human error. On Aug. 10, Temple also reported to AACSB on its remedial and corrective actions to date.

On Sept. 10, Temple verified the accuracy of the Fox School’s prior data submissions to AACSB. On Sept. 17, representatives from Temple and AACSB met on campus. At that time, school leaders described the rigorous data integrity processes and procedures that have been implemented to ensure that data is accurate moving forward. 

On Oct. 1, AACSB announced to its educational members that the Fox School remains accredited. At the same time, AACSB placed the Fox School into a multi-year monitoring process to ensure compliance with their ethical standards and the effectiveness of the Fox School’s internal controls related to data integrity.

What does AACSB consider when accrediting or reviewing a business school?
 about AACSB’s Eligibility Procedures and Accreditation for Business Accreditation.